Living Fences.

December 25, 2010

Living Fences (or Hedgerows) are a wonderful  substitute for traditional fencing. There are many benefits to living fences – they are attractive, changing with seasons, they can serve as a windbreak and attract wildlife. You can use hedgerows as living fences or perhaps as a screen to conceal a compost pile or unattractive building or an area of your yard that is used for storing material. They also make an excellent privacy fences.

living fences A well design hedgerow will be alive with birds and butterflies. Choose your plants carefully  – it is crucial to choose well adapted or native plants that will be suitable to serve as living fences. Not every plant is suitable as a hedgerow. 

Living fences should have layers and be both attractive and serve a practical purpose. It should be diverse enough to attract wildlife.

Location is also important, especially if the living fence is supposed to serve as a windbreak. In north Texas fall and early spring is the best time to plant shrubs and trees, so try to time it right. As  always soil preparation is essential.

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