Texas rock rose – rolling with the punches.

August 28, 2011

There are many plants that do well in north Texas. And then there are a few that do fantastic. Texas rock rose (Pavonia lasiopetala) is one of them. I have one in my front yard. It is, to be perfectly honest, neglected and left to its own devices.  It is in full sun and in poor soil. I watered it only once in the last 4 months.  Since we’re experiencing a prolonged drought, and have hardly had any rain this summer, I expected it to decline. Not die – I knew it would survive – but decline. Apparently I have underestimated it. Every morning it is covered in blooms. It satisfies my appetite for color this summer, while most things look like they are about to wither and die. This is a tough little native. Give it room as it tends to spread and make it a showpiece. It deserves it.

Texas rock rose

Texas rock rose

3 Responses to “Texas rock rose – rolling with the punches.”

  1. Wendy Holloway Says:

    I have two rock rose plants or shrubs. At this time they are dropping seeds. I thought they had buds on them but it’s seed pods. It is May so isn’t it time for them to bloom? I planted these in March.

  2. Lauren Clark Says:

    Spread how much?

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