Holiday season adventures and New Year wishes.

December 30, 2011

Sometimes things just happen… unexpectedly, inconveniently, just when we think we have reached our limits.

Last week my husband discovered two abandoned chickens on the lot next door. Naturally, we adopted them. Meet Martha and Mabel.


     Martha & Mabel

Later on that day my husband was cleaning his truck when he felt a dog rubbing against his legs. Initially he thought it was one of our dogs , but then he looked down… Meet Orion.


We started with a small veggie garden, a dog and a few cats. Over the years our family has expanded to 5 dogs (and Orion who is looking for a loving home), 5 cats and two chickens. We have a feeling this is not the end of our adventures in the city… We hope to move to the country one day, have a little land and expand both our garden and our animal family.

We are looking forward towards the spring… the new beginning. Ready to grow and harvest, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with our animals. Ready to start a new landscaping season – our company Happy Gardens is growing and we are hopeful for the future.

Holiday season brought joy and new challenges to our life. We hope the New Year will bring prosperity and health, to all of us.

Happy New Year!

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