Is it spring yet?

February 3, 2012

This morning I walked to the front yard and was amazed to see about 30 to 40 North American Robins. I have seen several robins in close proximity before, but never so many of them and I have to admit I felt like the scene was a little out of this world. They seemed to have been everywhere – on the lawn, the driveway, the trees… Robins are here! Is it spring yet?

Nature seems to think that the spring is around the corner. Roses are flushing with new growth, trees and shrubs have buds ready to explode with color, foliage and scent and I’ve just noticed this morning that our quince is blooming.

And if the weather will continue to be mild we might actually get some loquats this year. Usually fruit does not develop due to low winter temperatures, but this winter has been exceptionally warm and I’ve noticed the fruit forming on the loquat tree.

It is fascinating to observe nature changing. Both exciting and addictive.  Sharing it with our readers is equally rewarding.

One Response to “Is it spring yet?”

  1. Bridgette Says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Is it spring yet?
    Happy Gardens <Liked it!

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