When I was a little girl I would sneak into my grandma’s garden and get lost there. It was my own secret garden, and an edible one too! I loved it. It wasn’t clean and manicured. It was a little overgrown, with apple trees, huge dill and fragrant onions and garlic. I could spend hours there. It created many happy memories and taught me that a garden could not only be beautiful, but also functional. The function of my grandma’s garden was to provide herbs, vegetables and fruit for my family. But there are many functions to a garden – beauty, structure, food, wildlife habitat, outdoor living space, source of cut flowers and whatever else you would want to make of it.


My dream is to share that happiness with other people. To create wonderful, living spaces for people to enjoy. To bring back memories and to create new ones.  That’s what Happy Gardens is about.

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